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Chapter 13: Becoming Part of the Community

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 13: Becoming Part of the Community

Children who cannot see well are part of the community, just like all children. But too often children who cannot see are kept at home. They seldom play outside, or walk, or help with their family’s work. These children have little chance to get to know other people, and other people do not get to know them. People may even think that blind children cannot learn how to do things. When children who cannot see go out into the community, people may be unsure how to talk to them, or how to act.

a woman and a child stand at a well, where another woman and a child are thinking.
I never met a blind child before Comfort.
I wonder if Comfort can come play with us.

As parents, you can do a lot to help your child become an active member of the community. Take your child with you as much as possible — when you collect water, or gather wood, or when you go to the market, or to school, religious services, and community meetings and events. Along the way, describe what you see and encourage her to listen to sounds, and to touch and smell things. Introduce her to the people and animals you meet, and teach her how to greet people.