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Doing the same things others do (imitation)

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 7: Thinking Skills > Doing the same things others do (imitation)

Children who can see learn a lot by watching others and trying to do (imitate) what they do. Children who cannot see well, however, must learn to pay attention to sounds and other clues to know what people are doing.

To encourage your child to imitate others

a child and a woman both hitting a table with a small toy, making a banging noise.

Imitate him. When your child makes a noise, make the same noise back.

Do something that makes a sound
and encourage him to repeat what
you do.

a woman speaking to a baby as she knocks over a pile of small boxes.
Oh, listen! The boxes fell down.
the woman speaking after putting the boxes back in a pile.
Can you push the boxes down, Noah?

a man speaking as he places a hat on a child's head.
Here’s Papa’s hat. Now you be Papa.
When he gets older, encourage him to dress up and pretend he is someone else.