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Disabled Village Children

A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families

Authors: David Werner with the help of many friends

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Berkeley, California, USA

Hesperian Health Guides and the contributors to Disabled Village Children do not assume liability for the use of information contained in this book.

All health workers have a responsibility to be honest with themselves and the people they care for about the limits of their skills. This means: only perform the procedures you are trained to. Find help from other, more experienced health workers when a woman or man or child needs a kind of care that you are not experienced with. Seek the advice of local health workers and medical authorities about the safest ways to practice in your area. This manual can help you learn new skills, but no book can take the place of hands-on training with a skilled and experienced teacher. Keep watching, reading, listening, and learning more whenever you have the chance.

Copyright © 1987, 2018 by Hesperian Health Guides, 2nd edition, 9th printing, January 2018 This book was printed by QuadGraphics in the United States.

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data

Werner, David, 1934 —

Disabled Village Children: A guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and families/ by: David Werner — 1st ed.
p. ; cm.
Includes index.
672 pages
ISBN: 978-0-942364-06-4 (pbk.)

1. Medicine, Popular—Handbooks, manuals, etc. 2. Rehabilitation—Handbooks, manuals, etc. 3. Community Health Aids—Handbooks, manuals, etc.
I. Werner, David, 1934 — II. Hesperian Foundation. IV. Title.
Catalog Card No.: 86-81738

Hesperian Health Guides encourages you to copy, reproduce or adapt any or all parts of this book, including the illustrations, provided that you do this for non-commercial purposes, credit Hesperian, and follow the other requirements of Hesperian’s Open Copyright License (see www.hesperian.org/about/open-copyright).

For certain kinds of adaptation and distribution, we ask that you first obtain permission from Hesperian. Contact [email protected] to use any part of this book for commercial purpoes; in quantities more than 100 print copies; in any digital format; or with an organizational budget more than US$1 million.

We also ask that you contact Hesperian before beginning any translation or adaptation to avoid duplication of efforts, and for suggestions about adapting the information in this book. Please send Hesperian a copy of any materials in which text or illustrations from this book have been used.

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Hesperian Health Guides
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Berkeley, California 94704, USA

This book is dedicated to disabled children everywhere, with the hope that they and their families will help lead the world to be more loving, understanding, and just for everyone.
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We would appreciate any suggestions you may have for ways that this book might be improved to serve your rural area better.

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