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Support for women leaving violent partners

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HealthWiki > A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities > Chapter 14: Abuse, violence, and self-defense > Support for women leaving violent partners

Because women have organized to be safe from abuse, in many places laws and courts have been established to protect us against violence. In other places, the people who are supposed to enforce the laws, especially the police, lawyers and judges, cannot be trusted to help a woman. But in all communities, women are best protected when they work together. Here is an example:

a man beating a woman on crutches while a small child watches. the woman kneeling on the floor in pain while the child comforts her.
If your partner has been beating you... ...and you decide you want to leave him...
WWD Ch14 Page 297-3.png WWD Ch14 Page 297-4.png
...talk about it with someone you trust (a neighbor, a friend, or a relative). Then try to get together with other women in the community to talk about your problems. You will probably find that some of them have the same problems.
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Then you can all go together and talk to the man. If he does not say he will change his ways, go together to a village elder. ...or to the police and report him. They will be more likely to take your complaint seriously if you are with a group.