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Chapter 30: HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)

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a booth where people offer free condoms and HIV information to workers leaving a factory.

Many people in every country of the world have HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. With the right medicines and good working and living conditions, people with HIV can stay healthy, work, and raise families. Workers can help stop the spread of HIV by only having sex in ways that do not pass the virus, getting tested for HIV regularly, conducting HIV education and prevention programs in the factory, and helping workers with HIV keep their jobs as long as they are able to work.

Since people spend so much time at work, factories should develop comprehensive HIV programs that include:

  • free, confidential testing for HIV, or time off to get tested.
  • non-discrimination policies against workers who are HIV-positive.
  • safety trainings to reduce the risk of infections that might result from accidents or injuries at work.
  • time off for workers with HIV to take care of their health and the health of family members.
  • information about HIV prevention, transmission, and services — including HIV counseling, testing, and treatment — for all workers and their families.
  • support for safer sex, such as free condom distribution.

This page was updated:28 Feb 2021