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HealthWiki > Where Women Have No Doctor > Chapter 25: Tuberculosis > Working for Change

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Creating effective TB control in your community requires:

  • community and family education about the signs of TB and how it is spread. Encourage women to seek treatment if they show signs of TB.
  • trained health workers or community volunteers to participate in the DOTS program, who will find and work with persons sick with TB if they stop treatment early. DOTS programs must be flexible to help meet each person's needs.
  • a continual supply of medicines so treatment does not get interrupted.
  • laboratory equipment and trained workers for testing sputum.
  • a good system for keeping track of who has TB, how the treatment is going, and when a person is cured.

A good TB program must give care to all people sick with TB, including women. TB services can help more women by:

  • providing care and treatment in women's homes or as near to the home as possible.
  • including midwives and traditional birth attendants in TB screening and DOTS programs.
  • combining TB screening and treatment with other health services women are likely to use.

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