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The Instruments You Need for Scaling

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HealthWiki > Where There Is No Dentist > Chapter 8: Scaling Teeth > The Instruments You Need for Scaling

We scale teeth with special instruments called scalers. There are many different kinds of scalers for different teeth, to make scaling easier. It can be a problem to know which ones to buy.

Scalers are expensive instruments. For that reason, it is better to order only a few instruments that you can use to clean most teeth.

You need only 2 double-ended scalers, or 4 single-ended scalers.

For instance:

  1. One with two pointed tips--to remove tartar from the part of the tooth near the gum.
  2. DENT Ch8 Page 128-1.png

    Its proper name is Ivory C -1 scaler.

  3. Another with two blunt, rounded ends--to remove tartar from the part of the tooth under the gum.
  4. DENT Ch8 Page 128-2.png

    Its proper name is G-11 and 12 curette.

The ends of the scaler are the important parts. One end is bent to the left and the other end is bent to the right, so you can reach more easily around all sides of the tooth.

The blade at each end of the scaler is sharp. You must keep the blade sharp. A sharp blade can break more of the tartar away than a blunt blade.

You also need these:

DENT Ch8 Page 128-3.png DENT Ch8 Page 128-4.png DENT Ch8 Page 128-5.png DENT Ch8 Page 128-6.png
Sharpening stone
(Arkansas stone)
Mirror Probe
(cotton pliers)

NOTE: When you order an instrument, use both its common and proper name. Then you have a better chance of receiving the instrument you want. You can also make some of your own instruments.

Keep everything in a Scaling Kit.

This page was updated:19 Feb 2018