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Helping People with HIV In Your Community

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HealthWiki > Where There Is No Dentist > Chapter 12: HIV and Care of the Teeth and Gums > Helping People with HIV In Your Community

As a dental worker or health worker, you can make a great difference in the well-being of both the person with HIV and his or her family. Take a special interest in them and help them find ways to get the medicines, food, care and support they need. You can find more information in Hesperian’s Helping Childeren Live with HIV.

Care during the final days

During the final days of their illness, most people with AIDS prefer to be at home with their families. Both the sick person and the family need a lot of care and help during this time. This includes care for health problems and personal needs, as well as help with social and legal issues. You can support the family if you organize volunteers in the community to:

  • provide food and cook meals.
  • help with daily household chores.
  • look after babies and children whose parents are dying, or who may have already died.
  • help with funeral arrangements.

It may also help to ask other family members, friends, or a religious leader to visit the family and the person who is dying. This support can help the sick person to die with dignity, and the family to cope with losing a loved one.

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This page was updated:30 Aug 2018