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False Teeth

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HealthWiki > Where There Is No Dentist > Chapter 11: Taking Out a Tooth > False Teeth

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After a tooth comes out, it is a good idea to replace it with a false tooth. If you do not, the other teeth soon start to shift into the open space.

This weakens the bone around their roots. After some years, they too become loose and sore, and they have to be taken out.

Why false teeth are helpful

When you take out a tooth, it is like removing a brick from the center of a wall. The area around the space becomes weaker and begins to crumble.

To prevent this, a plastic tooth can fit into the space. This tooth is not for chewing food but to hold the remaining teeth in their normal, healthy position.

A full set of teeth allows a person to chew the foods needed to stay healthy and feel good. Moreover, teeth help you look good!

a person without teeth seen from the front.
A person
without many
teeth looks old.
the same person seen from the side.
a person with false teeth seen from the front.
With a new set of
plastic 'false teeth',
the same person
looks and feels
much younger.
the same person seen from the side.

If possible, after you take out a tooth, encourage the person to replace the tooth with a plastic tooth. Find out where they are made and how much they cost. Then explain:

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