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Clean Your Teeth Every Day

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If you do not clean properly, the food that is left on your teeth can hurt the teeth as well as the gums near them.

Bits of food stay longer in grooves and ‘hiding places’. This is where both tooth and gum problems start.

a person's teeth, showing 3 problem areas.
on top
the teeth
near the gums
Here are 3 places where problems start.

To prevent problems you must take special care to keep these protected places clean.

It is better to clean your teeth carefully once every day than to clean poorly many times a day.

Use a soft brush to clean your teeth. Buy one from the store (be sure it says soft on the package), or make a brush yourself. To make a brush:

1. Use a small branch of young bamboo, strong grass, or the skin from sugar cane or betel nut. 2. Cut a piece that is
still green and soft.
DENT Ch1 Page 4-2.png
WTNDentist Page 004 3.png
3. Chew one end to make it
stringy like a brush.
4. Sharpen the other end so it can clean between the teeth.
DENT Ch1 Page 4-4.png
DENT Ch1 Page 4-5.png

You can twist the fiber from inside a coconut husk into a kind of brush. First rub it and shake away the loose bits. Then use the end to clean your teeth.

1: get a coconut from a tree. 2: split it open. 3: remove the husk.
4: remove the fiber from the husk with your hand. 5: twist the fiber into a brush. 6: clean your teeth with the brush.

Whatever kind of brush you use, be sure to clean your back teeth as well as your front teeth. Scrub the tops and sides where the grooves are. Then push the hairs between the teeth and scrub.

Toothpaste is not necessary.
Charcoal or even just water is enough.
When your teeth are clean, rinse away
the loose pieces of food.
DENT Ch1 Page 5-7.png

This page was updated:19 Feb 2018