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Be a Good Example

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HealthWiki > Where There Is No Dentist > Chapter 2: Teaching Family and Friends in Your Community > Be a Good Example

Other people like to watch what you do before they try something different. First show members of your family and then they will be an example to others in your community. For example:

  1. Instead of buying all your foods from the store, buy fresh fruits and vegetables from the market. It is even better to grow food in your own garden.
    DENT Ch2 Page 11-1.png
    Learn to use several different kinds of foods in each meal. Mixing foods is a healthy idea. Invite friends to share your meals and see the number of different foods you have at each meal.

  2. Do not buy fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola or Fanta. They have a lot of added sugar which quickly makes children's teeth rotten.
    DENT Ch2 Page 11-2.png

    Also, do not sweeten your child's milk or tea.

    When she is young she can learn to enjoy drinks that are not sweet.

    Clean, cool water, tea with little sugar, milk, or water from a young
    coconut are best to drink. Fresh fruits are delicious when you are thirsty.
  3. Most important: do not give your child feeding bottle, especially one with a sweet drink inside.

    DENT Ch2 Page 11-3.png
  4. Keep your children's teeth clean. Your friends will notice clean teeth or teeth that are dirty or have cavities. Remember, clean teeth are healthy teeth.

    An older child can clean his own teeth if you show him how.

    A younger child cannot. He needs help. Each day someone older should clean his teeth for him.

When you teach, remember that as others learn, they too become teachers. Each person can teach another.

Encourage people to pass along what you have taught. Mothers can teach family and friends. Students can talk at home with brothers, sisters, and older family members.

a child asking a question as a woman speaks to a group.
Me too?
Keep your teeth and your children's teeth healthy by cleaning them.
a woman, a boy, and a girl speaking.
Marie, please help me clean baby's teeth and then brother's teeth. We will do it everyday.
Then maybe my teeth won't hurt like Vincent's.
First, I must clean my own teeth properly.
2 boys asking questions as a man speaks to several children.
What should I do if my gums bleed?
Use a soft toothbrush. A soft brush is best because         it won't hurt your            gums. Tell your               family that.
Can we
use one at school?
a man and a woman speaking as they sit with 2 children.
Wish I had known about that before.
Brother, try to brush your back teeth better. If you do, then they will stay strong until you grow old.
If all learners become teachers, a simple message can begin in the health clinic or school and reach many more people at home.

This page was updated:19 Feb 2018