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Oral Health

Oral Health Manual
This manual is designed for clinical workers who want to learn about oral health care in areas with limited resources and no dentist. Written in ‘plain English’ with clear layout and high quality images, it includes clear advice on how to set up and manage an oral health clinic, examine the mouth and diagnose common problems, perform injections in the mouth, and perform cleaning and simple extractions. Available in English, French and Spanish.

Order in print:
Sunnymede Trust - Teeth Relief
Or from:
Health Books International

Common Oral Conditions Video
Free to view or download from the web

FDI World Dental Federation
Website has a listing of organizations around the world that provide different types of assistance for oral health education, training, and care can be downloaded from the internet.

Guide for Safety and Infection Control for Oral Healthcare Missions,
OSAP — Organization for Safety Asepsis Procedures
This is a practical guide to providing safe dental care in low-resource settings. Available from: {https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.osap.org/resource/resmgr/Docs/dental_aid_guide.pdf OSAP]

HIV Dent
This website includes treatment information and training resources to improve oral health for people with HIV. email: [email protected]

International No-Noma Federation

World Health Organization (WHO) Oral Health Programme
WHO has a Focal Point for Oral Health in each of its regional offices around the world. This web page gives contact information for each regional office, as well as other resources.

WHO Collaborating Centre For Oral Health
The Department of Oral Health at UWC works in collaboration with the WHO to provide expertise and specialized training, contribute to research, and promote WHO initiatives related to oral health and prevention of oral diseases in the African region.

Dental Instruments

Durbin PLC, a company in England, may sell the instruments mentioned in this book at lower than commercial prices.

Other organizations that may be able to help with instruments:
Durbin PLC

Project HOPE

Direct Relief International


Saskatchewan Dental Therapists Association

MAP International

World Dental Relief