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To Stop Bleeding in Newborns

Newborn Babies and Breastfeeding: Medicines

Vitamin K, phytomenadione, phytonadione

The body uses vitamin K to clot blood and stop bleeding. But babies are born without much vitamin K, so if for some reason they start bleeding it can quickly get out of control. If a newborn starts to bleed from any part of his body (mouth, cord, anus), you can give vitamin K to prevent excessive bleeding. You can also give vitamin K to very small or early babies (under 2 kg) to prevent bleeding because they are more likely to bleed.

Vitamin K does not stop bleeding in older children or adults.

How to useNBgrninject.png

Inject 1 mg (one 1 mg ampule, or ½ of a 2 mg ampule) of vitamin K into the outer part of the thigh within 2 hours after birth.

Do not inject more, it will not help and can harm.
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