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Medicines for Numbing

First Aid: Medicines

Lidocaine, Lignocaine

Lidocaine is an anesthetic that can be injected around the edges of a wound to make the area numb so it will not hurt. This is useful before cleaning or stitching up a wound.

Lidocaine often comes in a 2% solution which is 20 mg of lidocaine per ml. If you have a different percent (%) solution, adjust the amount you use.

How to useNBgrninject.png

Slowly inject into and under the skin around where you are going to cut or sew, at points about 1 cm apart. Inject the lidocaine close to the surface of the skin. Use about 1 ml of lidocaine for each 2 cm of skin. Do not use more than 20 ml.

This page was updated:05 Jan 2024