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For Peritonitis and Appendicitis

Belly Pain, Diarrhea, and Worms: Medicines

A number of different antibiotics can be used to treat peritonitis, but always use at least 2 antibiotics to kill as many different bacteria as possible. For peritonitis, it is best to inject antibiotics because the digestive system will not work well enough to use medicines taken by mouth. If you do give antibiotics by mouth, give only as much water as is needed to swallow the pills. The person should not eat or drink anything else.

Give these medicines until the person has reached the hospital:
METRONIDAZOLE 500 mg, 4 times a day
CIPROFLOXACIN 500 mg, 2 times a day OR
CEFTRIAXONE 2 grams, once a day OR
AMPICILLIN 2 grams, 4 times a day AND GENTAMICIN 1.5 mg per kg, 3 times a day.

This page was updated:05 Jan 2024