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The American Cancer Society engaged Hesperian Health Guides to create these cancer education materials to view online, print, and share with others. Along with Hesperian’s own HealthWiki materials on cancer from the New Where There Is No Doctor and Where Women Have No Doctor, these two additional resources will be useful to you or others facing cancer. If you have questions about these materials, write to Hesperian at [email protected] or the American Cancer Society at [email protected].

thumbnail image of the Hesperian and American Cancer Society's Cancer Education booklet

A booklet to answer your questions about cancer:

The booklet Finding Your Way Through Cancer: Answers to Common Questions will help people who have just found out they have cancer, as well as anyone wanting to learn about cancer treatment. Topics include: How does the doctor know I have cancer? How can I handle feelings about having cancer? How is cancer treated? What can I do about side effects? The suggested questions to ask health workers can enable people to make more informed treatment decisions. Family members, friends and other caregivers can also learn more about cancer from the booklet and will find many practical ideas about how to help their loved ones. The booklet includes a glossary of common medical words related to cancer and cancer treatment.

A cancer education flipchart for health workers, counselors and others:

thumbnail image of the Hesperian and American Cancer Society's Cancer Education flipchart

The flipchart Finding Your Way Through Cancer: A Flipchart for Cancer Education can be printed to use in counselling or presentations. It provides large, colorful illustrations for the listeners to look at while the health worker views a page of suggested ways to explain health information such as: What is cancer? How is cancer treated? and How to help a person when they learn they have cancer? The flipchart includes tips from experienced health workers about how to talk with people to make sure information is understood while also showing compassion and offering support.

Share your opinion about these materials

The American Cancer Society (ACS) requests your feedback on these resources—everything from ease of downloading and printing, usefulness of content, and experience with them as patient and community education materials. Please take this 10 to 15 minute survey to help ACS improve them. Thanks in advance for sharing your opinions on making these resources better!

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