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Learning continues in the community

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Deaf > Chapter 12: Education > Learning continues in the community

Man speaking to his little girl as they walk together.
With this
money we will buy some fish at the market.
Education takes place in many situations: at home, in the community, and at school.

Children learn from their families and friends the skills they need to live in their community. By watching how children and other people talk, play, and work with each other, children learn how to get along with others. They learn to get places they need to go — walking, riding, or driving. They learn to buy and sell, to pay bills, and to get things done. They learn to gather wood, plant crops, fish, weave or sew, make handcrafts, and many other skills.

When children participate in the community, they also learn about their emotions and build self-esteem. Games they play with each other are informal ways of learning to be part of communities. (Chapter 10 and Chapter 11 describe ways to include children in the community and to build strong social skills.)

As children grow older they become ready to go to school. Education in school will build on the skills children learn at home and in the community. What they learn at school also gives children skills that prepare them for life as adults.