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All children can learn to communicate

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Deaf > Chapter 1: Hearing difficulties and communication > All children can learn to communicate

Children who have different hearing abilities can communicate with gestures, home signs, a complete sign language, and lip-reading and speaking. Some children who can hear a little will be able to speak and read lips. Other children communicate best by making signs with their hands. Young deaf children can learn sign language easily and naturally — just like young hearing children learn a spoken language.

A small group of boys and girls. One boy uses sign language.

To feel good about themselves and to have a sense of belonging, it is important for deaf children to meet each other and also to meet adults who are deaf.

There may be a deaf person in the community who can teach children sign language.

Some families are able to send their child to a special school for deaf children. Other families teach their children at home. Some children may be helped by getting a hearing aid from a clinic and learning to read lips.

Whatever type of communication you use, this book will try to help you communicate with your child.