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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 11: Helping Your Child Know Where She Is (Orientation) > Sight

Children who can see a little can use their sight to help orient themselves, especially if you help them. If your child can see light, give her directions using a light source as the starting point.
a boy speaking to a child as they stand in a room.
When you see the light from the door, the table where we eat is on your left.

a girl thinking as she walks into a room.
My bed is next to the light.

If your child can see light, leave a light on so she can orient herself when she comes into a room.

a child starting to climb steps under a light.

Put a light where the height of the floor changes or next to something your child needs to notice to move about safely.

a child standing and thinking outside the door to a house.
Here’s the yellow ribbon. That means it’s Juana’s door.

If your child can see bright colors, put different colored cloths, tape, paint, or objects on a door and in different places outside. When she sees the color, she will know where she is.