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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 1: How Can I Help My Child? > How you can help

Helping young children develop all areas of their body and mind through planned opportunities to experience, explore and play with things is called ‘stimulation’ or ‘early assistance.’ In this book you will find many simple activities that can be done as you play with your child or as you do your daily work. You can also adapt these activities so they fit with your child and your daily life. For example:

a woman kneeling to shake a rattle in front of a baby.
What’s making that noise?
the woman hitting a table with a spoon while the baby shakes a rattle.
What a big noise, Oscar! Listen! I can make a noise just like you.
If you get your baby’s attention with a noisy toy and show him the sound it makes... ...he will be more interested in playing. He will also learn to pay attention to sounds and where they come from.

a boy talking to a smaller child who is touching a motorcycle.
That’s the tire, Yaso. When the bike goes, the tire goes around.
a girl helping the child to sit on the motorcycle.
I’m riding too!
If you encourage a child to use his sense of touch, hearing, and smell to find out what objects are like……he will learn more about the world and be able to talk about what he knows.

If you do these kinds of activities often, your child will have a childhood as full of fun and learning as any other child. As he grows up he can learn to:

a woman thinking while she watches a blind child walking.
Louis is such a big boy now...look how he gets around!
a boy talking to another while they play tug of war.
Pull, Sam, we’re winning!
move about by himselfplay with other children
a woman talking while doing garden work with a child.
Pat the soil down all around the plant.
a blind child speaking in a classroom.
I know the answer to that question, Mrs. Natomo.
help with the family’s work go to school or learn a trade