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How can I fit these activities into my family's daily life?

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 2: Getting Started > How can I fit these activities into my family’s daily life?

It is important to think about how to do early assistance activities in ways that do not make more work for you. By making everyday activities into learning experiences, teaching your child will be easier for you and will not take extra time.

HCWB Ch2 Page 13-2.png
HCWB Ch2 Page 13-3.png
Explain the sounds and
smells to your child when
you go to the market.
Talk about what you are
doing as you work.

Many people can help do these activities

Encourage family members, neighbors, and friends to become involved, too.People around you often want to help, but they may feel uncomfortable because they do not know how. Share what you have learned about vision problems, the activities you and your child are working on, and the reasons for doing these activities.

2 parents speaking in a group.
My mother-in-law and neighbors also help with our daughter. At first they thought it would be hard because they weren’t sure what to do. I explained what Namita needed to learn and how to help her, and now they spend time with her every day.
I worried I wouldn’t have time to teach my son Guddi. But between myself, my husband and the other children, we have found many ways to do things with him as we go about our chores.

Children can also help if you show them how. Explain how they can adapt some of their games to include your child. Then encourage them to come up with new ideas on their own.

a woman thinking while she watches children play.
The children have discovered that Renu can follow them when they clap their hands. Now they can all play tag.