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Chapter 5: Activities for the Young Baby (Birth to 6 Months)

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A new baby does not usually look as though she is doing very much. She spends most of her time eating, sleeping, and resting. But even though she may not seem aware of her surroundings, a new baby is already starting to learn about her world. She does this by using her senses: hearing, touch, smell, taste, and sight.

A baby who is blind or who cannot see well also begins learning as soon as she is born. But she needs your help to introduce her to a world she cannot see.

a woman kneeling on a blanket where a baby lies with some toys.
If a baby cannot see toys or people’s faces, she does not know that there is an interesting world to explore.
You can help by giving her many opportunities to listen, feel, and smell. Encourage her to explore and play.
the woman speaking as she helps the baby touch a spoon.
She needs your help to find that out.
That’s a spoon, Rosa. It’s fun to play with.

As you do activities with your baby, talk to her. Even if you think she is too young to understand the words you say, remember that listening to a person’s voice is one of the main ways she will learn about the world. See information on communicating with your baby as you do these activities, in “Communication.”

3 women talking about the babies they are holding.
Isn’t it amazing how much babies change in their first few months? Look at Marcos,he pays attention to everything. When his big sister comes into the room, he sits up and reaches for her to hold him.
Irene is so tiny. She sleeps and nurses, and then she sleeps again.
Hector can almost sit up but he isn’t as strong as Marcos. I was so worried about his blindness at first, but he has done a lot of growing in his own way. And he knows his sister’s voice, too. He always wants her to hold him whenever he hears her nearby.