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Chapter 4: Finding Out What Your Child Can See

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Many children who have difficulty seeing are not totally blind but can see a little. Some children can see the difference between light and dark but cannot see any objects. Other children can see objects if they are in certain places, in certain kinds of light, or if they are a certain size or a bright color. Some children can see movement.

Before starting the activities in this book, it is important to find out what your child can see. Knowing this will help you do activities in ways that will help her learn most.

If your child can see a little, knowing how she sees best also means you can choose activities that will help her make the most of her remaining sight.

a woman thinking as she watches a small child play with toys.
I was afraid that Simi would strain her eyes and might lose what little sight she has. But it hasn’t hurt her a bit and now she uses her sight to help her move around and play!

Using vision does not lead to its loss. Your child’s eyes will not be hurt if she uses her sight to help her do things.