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HealthWiki > Disabled Village Children > Chapter 30: Blindness and Difficulty Seeing > Work

As a blind child grows up, he or she can learn to do many different kinds of work. In Chapter 54 we list many of the different kinds of work that disabled persons can do. Those types of work marked with a * have often been done by blind persons.

The village child who is blind should be given many opportunities to help with work around the home and with farm work. The blind child should be invited and expected to help in a wide range of daily activities, just like the child who can see. What starts out as play and imitation ends up as learning of useful skills.

A family that farms the land can begin to include a blind child in gardening and farming activities from an early age.

To get an understanding of the whole process of growing the family food, the child can start by planting seeds, watering them, caring for them as they grow, and finally harvesting, cooking, and eating the product. Later, the child can go with his father or mother to the fields and help with the planting. With his feet he can follow the furrows, or grooves made by the plow.
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Try to involve the child with each aspect of housework and farm work. At first show her and guide her as much as is necessary. Then help less and less until finally the child can do the whole job alone.

This page was updated:21 Nov 2019