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Sleeping with the baby

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HealthWiki > A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities > Chapter 12: Caring for your baby > Sleeping with the baby

Most mothers of small babies rest better sleeping with the baby next to them. It is easier to breastfeed when the baby wakes up hungry, and you can comfort the baby without getting up. If you cannot see or hear well, you will always know if your baby needs to be fed or changed.

If you have difficulty walking, keep a supply of nappies, diapers or cloth and clean clothes close by so you can also change the baby during the night without having to get up.

If your disability is such that you may roll over on top of the baby, or if you need to sleep sitting upright, you will need to do something else. Here is an example:

WWD Ch12 Page 268-1.png
If you think you may roll on top of your baby, make a small wooden bed with sides that the baby can sleep in beside you. Leave one side partly open so you can easily reach inside. Smooth the wood or cover it with cloth so that you and the baby do not get any splinters.