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Chapter 3: A woman's body in pregnancy

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HealthWiki > A Book for Midwives > Chapter 3: A woman's body in pregnancy

In this chapter, we describe the parts of a woman’s body that are most affected by sex, pregnancy, and birth. We call these parts sexual or reproductive parts. We also explain how pregnancy happens, and how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy.

A woman’s sexual and
reproductive parts

MW Ch3 Page 27-1.png
A woman's genitals (vulva)
outer lips
inner lips
opening of the vagina
a very sensitive spot that can give sexual pleasure when touched
the opening that urine comes out of
the opening of the rectum and intestine, where stool comes out

The pelvis

The bones below the belly are called the pelvis.
MW Ch3 Page 27-3.png
The pelvis is shaped like a bowl with a hole in the bottom.
MW Ch3 Page 27-2.png
pubic bone
MW Ch3 Page 27-4.png
During birth, the baby passes through the hole to get out.

The womb, tubes, and ovaries
The womb (uterus) is a hollow muscle. It sits inside the pelvis. Monthly bleeding comes from the womb, and the womb is where the baby grows during pregnancy.

MW Ch3 Page 28-1.png
The womb is in the woman's belly along with her other organs
MW Ch3 Page 28-2.png

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