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After the checkup

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HealthWiki > A Book for Midwives > Chapter 8: Prenatal Checkups > After the checkup

Make a time for the next prenatal visit

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After you have finished checking the baby and the mother, find out if the woman has any more questions or needs to talk about anything else. If she has any warning signs, carefully explain what the warning sign is and what she must do to care for herself. If she needs to get medical help, be sure she knows where and when to go. Before you leave her, make a time for her next prenatal checkup. Make sure the mother knows when and where the next checkup will be.

Keeping health records

A health record can show you quickly what health issues each woman has, how things have changed for her, and remind you of any warning signs she has had. Below there is a chart you can use to keep a record of prenatal checkups for each woman you help. Adapt this chart or make your own to meet the needs of your community.

Many midwives also make a “lifetime health record” on a folded card the woman keeps at home or brings to appointments. It is a quick way to keep a short record of her general health issues, details about pregnancies and births, vaccinations, pelvic exams, family planning methods, health education, or other details you may need.

Click here for a print quality version of this record of prenatal care chart.

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