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On a topic page
On a chapter page

Add an image linked to external site (to locally override the default ad) {{adimage=image|adlink=link}} To disable ad image entirely, find the </ul>{{#if: enable| line in this template, and delete "enable" (add it back to re-enable).

Suppress the "Print this page" button {{notprintable=true}}


Specific content page; book not for sale


TOC page; book for sale


Different copy for page

{{SideSupplement|pagealt=is from|chapterpdf||}}

Specific content page; no PDF available


Specific content page; book title to be displayed is not the namespace

{{SideSupplement|bookabbreviation|chapterpdf|page|booktitle=Donde No Hay Doctor}}

Ad copy and link

{{SideSupplement|adimage=WikiImage.png|adcaption=Use code HEALTHWIKI at checkout |adlink=http://www.parter.org/link.html}}

This displays the fake sidebar on content pages. Includes:

  • a link to the main page (Static)
  • book cover (pass in abbreviation, pulled from stylesheet)
  • info where the content is from (from template) (by page)
  • links to
    • buy this book (generated based off the book abbreviation)
    • print/download this chapter (passed in)
    • print this page (static)
    • create your own (static)
  • link to topic page (static)

Note: on TOC pages, pass in bookurl booktitle parameter that matches the desired link/namespace.

Elsewhere (foreign language pages), use the booktitle parameter to change the display of the title "this content comes from page XX in book

If you do not want to use the default "This content is from page XX from book YY", you can pass in a separate "pagealt" parameter. This content will be displayed as "This content {{pagealt}} book YY".