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Headers for the medicine table entries in the New Where There Is No Doctor green pages

{{NWTNDgreen|Side effects}}
Side effectsGreen-effects-nwtnd.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill-inject}}
How to useNBgrninjectpill.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to spoon}}
How to useNBgrnspoon.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to inject}}
How to useNBgrninject.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to drop-oint}}
How to useNBgrneyedropoint.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to drop}}
How to useNBgrneyedrop.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill}}
How to useNBgrnpill.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill-spoon}}
How to useNBgrnpillspoon.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill-drop}}
How to useNBgrnpill-drop.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill-inject-drop}}
How to useNBgrnpill-inject-drop.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill-inject-drop}}
How to useNwtnd-oint.png
{{NWTNDgreen|How to pill-inject-drop}}
How to useNwtnd-pills-oint.png