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Access free health information on many topics in our HealthWiki. Information in Hesperian's HealthWiki has been vetted by professionals and tested by individuals in community settings.

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coronavirus fact sheet
En hiv coverHW.jpg Helping Children Live with HIV
Innovative community health guide, designed to empower families and communities affected by HIV in their efforts to support children’s well-being and healthy development.

En cover-dvc.jpg Disabled Village Children
This manual contains clear, detailed information and easy-to-implement strategies to support the well-being of children with disabilities, especially in low-resource communities.

Cholera button.png How to prevent CHOLERA
Four page Cholera Factsheet, also available in Haitian, Spanish, French, Arabic and Bangla. Gives strategies on how to prevent, how to treat and how to make water safe for drinking. It also gives instructions for making your own home-made rehydration drink.

En cover wgthas.jpg Workers' Guide to Health and Safety
Shows how workers can assess their workplaces, recognize hazards, and take charge of their health and safety, especially in electronics, shoe, and garment factories. Focuses on developing actionable alternatives to hazardous conditions and organizing for improvements.

En cover haw.jpg Health Actions for Women
Provides inspiring activities, strategies, and stories that help challenge violence against women, improve access to family planning, foster safe motherhood, promote strategies for better sexual health, counteract restrictive gender roles, and improve health services for women and girls.

En cover nwtnd.jpg New Where There Is No Doctor
Important topics addressing the health concerns that today’s world is facing. As new material is developed, links in the table of contents go live. New topics and translations are added regularly to the HealthWiki and several booklets are available for purchase.

En cover-dent.jpg Where There Is No Dentist
This dental manual offers instructions for preventive care of teeth and gums, diagnosis and treatment of common dental problems, and oral health and HIV.

two women look at a computer.
En cover-wwhnd.jpg Where Women Have No Doctor
Information to help understand, treat, and prevent health problems that affect women. Topics include reproductive health, violence, mental health, HIV, and more.
zika fact sheet

En cover-mw.jpg A Book for Midwives
Essentials of care before, during, and after birth. Updated to reflect new WHO/UNICEF guidelines for mothers and newborns.

En cover-hcwd.jpg Helping Children Who Are Deaf
Information for caregivers to foster language learning through both sign and oral approaches.

En cover-hcwb.jpg Helping Children Who Are Blind
Activities and information for caregivers to help a child with vision problems develop all of his or her capabilities.
a woman showing you her cellphone.

En cover-EHB-1.jpg A Community Guide to Environmental Health
Information, activities, and instructions for communities to take charge of their environmental health.

En cover-wwd.jpg A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
Information for women with disabilities to overcome social stigma and inadequate care to improve their health and independence.

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