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Other Parts of This Book with Information Useful For Spinal Cord Injury

IMPORTANT! In addition to this chapter, some essential information for spinal cord injury is in other parts of this book, especially Chapter 24, Pressure Sores,” and Chapter 25, Urine and Bowel Management.” These chapters are a continuation of information on spinal cord injury. We have put them in separate chapters because the information they cover is also essential for other disabilities.

Chapters marked with a star (*) are essential for basic care of spinal cord injury.

Chapter 24 *Pressure Sores

Chapter 25 *Urine and Bowel Management (includes urinary infections)

Chapter 26 Leprosy (especially Prevention of Injury for Persons with Loss of Feeling and Strength to Prevention of Contractures and Deformities in Persons with Paralysis on advice for care of hands and feet without feeling)

Chapter 36 Feeding, especially aids for feeding

Chapter 37 Dressing

Chapter 38 Toilet Training, especially aids

Chapter 39 Bathing

Chapter 42 *Range-of-motion and Other Exercises

Chapter 43 *Crutch Use, Cane Use, and Wheelchair Transfers

Chapter 51 Adapting Home and Community to Needs of the Disabled

Chapter 52 Growing Up, Social Adjustment, Love, Sex, Role in Family and Community

Chapter 55 Example 3, Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, and Example 4,
Organization of Disabled Revolutionaries

Chapter 58 Braces

Chapter 63 Walking Aids

Chapter 64, Chapter 65, Chapter 66 Wheelchairs

For other references to spinal cord injury, see the books and reference materials listed in Other Resources.

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