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Joined Fingers and Extra or Deformed Fingers or Toes

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HealthWiki > Disabled Village Children > Chapter 12: Common Birth Defects > Joined Fingers and Extra or Deformed Fingers or Toes

Some children are born with 2 or more fingers joined together. This does not cause much difficulty in use of the hand. However, special surgery can often separate the joined fingers.

DVC Ch12 Page 120-8.png DVC Ch12 Page 120-9.png

a string tied around a finger

When a child is born with a small extra finger or toe that has no bone in it, you can tie a string tightly around it, like this.

In a few days the finger will dry out and fall off.

DVC Ch12 Page 120-11.png

Larger extra fingers or toes, if they get in the way, can be removed by a surgeon.

A child who is born with a toe that sticks out may need surgery in order to wear shoes. The toe can sometimes be put straight. At other times it may be simpler to remove it.
before and after removing a toe sticking out
To get the best results, the surgery should be done by a specially trained orthopedic or plastic surgeon.

This page was updated:19 Jan 2018