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Is my child totally blind, or can she see a little?

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 4: Finding Out What Your Child Can See > Is my child totally blind, or can she see a little?

If you are unsure whether your child has some sight, watch to see :

Does she close her eyes in bright sunlight or turn her head toward a light?
HCWB Ch4 Page 24-1.png
Does she bring objects close to her eyes? HCWB Ch4 Page 24-2.png Does she follow slowly moving objects with her head? HCWB Ch4 Page 24-3.png
Does she always tilt her head in a certain way? HCWB Ch4 Page 24-4.png Does she move her hand back and forth in front of her eyes? HCWB Ch4 Page 24-5.png
Does she reach for objects that do not make sounds?HCWB Ch4 Page 24-6.png

If you notice any of these things, you can learn more about what they mean by reading the next few sections.