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Chapter 15: Support for Parents and Caregivers

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HealthWiki > Helping Children Who Are Blind > Chapter 15: Support for Parents and Caregivers

2 women sit facing each other with a small child close by.

As a parent or caregiver of a young child who is blind, you need support and information that is useful for your family and your community. Although families and communities are different around the world, many of the challenges of taking care of a young child who is blind or cannot see well are the same, no matter where you live. This chapter talks about how many families in different places:

  • feel when they learn their child is blind or cannot see well
  • cope with the extra responsibility of having a blind child
  • join together to support each other and to improve the lives of their blind children
  • work as a group to get their community to support children with disabilities

As with the rest of this book, the information in this chapter is for you to adapt for your family and community.