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Thanks - Digital Edition

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Many thanks to the countless people who have put in tremendous effort to make this book available here in the digital commons!

Project manager:
Tawnia Litwin

Digital advisors:
Matt Gedigian, Luca Gilardi, Jacob Goolkasian, John Hanke, Zena Herman, Andrea Hill (Worldays Social Marketing), Saq Imtiaz, Todd Jailer, Alison King, Matthew Litwin, Tawnia Litwin, Kerry McLean, Srini Narayanan (International Computer Science Institute), Sarah Shannon, Chelsea Tanaka-Delgado, Kathleen Tandy, Dorothy Tegeler, Rajesh Veeraraghavan, Greg Wolff (UnaMesa)

Software developers:
Matt Gedigian, Luca Gilardi, Andrea Hill, Saq Imtiaz, Matthew Litwin, Tawnia Litwin, Srini Narayanan

The individuals and groups who helped to review and give feedback on the early development of this digital resource in Honduras, India, Malawi, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, and the US: Rabia Aslam, Nathaniel Bowling, Halley Brunsteter, Julie Cliff, Susie Colowick, Matthew Crimp, Maria Fernandez, Namita Jacob and her colleagues at Perkins School for the Blind, Todd Jailer, Katarina Korenkova and her colleagues at Umoyo Trust, Tawnia Litwin, Sandy McGunegil, Alfredo R. Melgar and his colleagues at Likhaan, Justin Rausa, Jessica Rothstein, Abdus Salam and his colleagues at Pakistan National Forum on Women’s Health, Amanda Schultz and her colleagues at La Asociación de Mujeres Defensoras de La Vida, Sarah Shannon, Kathleen Tandy, Dorothy Tegeler, Laura Turiano, Emily Wagner, Paul Wesson, Karl Wiebe, Julie Wright.

The dedicated volunteers and staff who devoted hours to digitizing the English content:
Rabia Aslam, Jean Box, Veronica Churchill, Susie Colowick, Matt Crimp, Deanne Dale, Jesse Fineman, Matt Gedigian, Luca Gilardi, Gretchen Herbkersman, Rosemary Jason, Isaac Kreisman, Matthew Litwin, Tawnia Litwin, Jane Maxwell, Yesenia Ortega, Maggie Palmer, Kathleen Tandy, Dorothy Tegeler, Karen Warrick, Julie Wright, Sam Wright, Griselda Velasquez, and the rest of the Hesperian team.

We also thank the following foundations for financially supporting this project:
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation.